Bill Picket's Invitational Rodeo

The sprawling two-disc set from this long-running noise/experimental hip-hop project is clearly drawn from sounds that Mike Schleipfer has been collecting since the last Bill Picket's release. Not really comparable to any other music, except for maybe the output of the Revolting Cocks and Warlock Pinchers gone even more zany, Guf Strife's closest contemporary cousins might be early anticon. releases — but further out there. There's even a bit of Wesley Willis on "Say Ra," as well as fellow luminaries of weird Denver music like Cindy Wonderful, Rudy Bloody and Mr. Pacman. If the idea of Longmont Potion Castle doing a hip-hop album sounds appealing, look no further: Here are 31 tracks of bizarre but fascinating sound ideas written as trippy hip-hop for people who think Load Records puts out accessible music.


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