Billy Idol

You gotta wonder if maybe Billy Idol invested in the patenting of hair gel, since there are few who've done as much to bolster its sales as he has. The only time he veered from his trademark peroxide-blond spikes was in '93, for his techno-informed Cyberpunk, and the dreadlocks that accompanied that release were mocked as universally as the album. Of course, Idol overdosed a year later, which makes you wonder if, despite that surly growl, he kind of knew what he was doing when he snorted all that blow. It's been twelve years since he almost died that time, sixteen since the time before that when he almost became worm food in a motorcycle crash -- not to mention all the other times he probably nearly bought the farm during his orgy-filled, booze- and drug-fueled ride through the '80s. Yessir, Idol is back. And while the dreadlocks have been forgiven, Cyberpunk never will be.


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