Bizarre Learning Center gets smart at Unit E on Friday, June 1

A few years back, a promising act called Makeout Point put out a couple of noteworthy releases that evoked a fascinating combination of Throwing Muses and Fire Party. Unfortunately, that group parted ways in early 2011, before it could really capitalize on the hints of greatness in the handful of songs it had released. Fortunately, three-fourths of the band got back together later that year to form Bizarre Learning Center (due this Friday, June 1, at Unit E). The new trio — noted music critic/guitarist Anthony J. Morocco; his wife, bassist Laura Morocco; and drummer Patrick Farrell — decided to largely drop the vocals for now, focusing instead on an instrumental, experimental kind of post-punk that should appeal to anyone who ever got into the noisy yet melodic guitar work of Unwound's dreamier side.


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