Black Dice

Black Dice makes experimental electronic noise rock that's been known to draw blood. Infamous for their visceral and assaulting live shows, brothers Eric and Bjorn Copeland -- now joined by new drummer Aaron Warren -- have produced more than their fair share of jarring, disorienting and disconcerting records in the past five years. Recently, however, the New York-based act has begun tinkering with more accessible sounds. 2003's "Cone Toaster" single was almost dance-floor ready, and this year's Broken Ear Record flirts with beats and loops that would almost be at home on a Moby disc. Almost. With sounds that suggest early Cabaret Voltaire, the Residents and even Autechre -- as well as roots in the Rhode Island School of Design, the same arts community that birthed the Talking Heads -- the Dicemen create a sonic pastiche that is ambient, grating and discordant at times, almost booty-shaking at others. Almost.


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