Black Lips

The dudes in the Black Lips get naked on stage sometimes. But a few months ago, some folks in India weren't too stoked when guitarist Cole Alexander stripped and jumped into the crowd. Let's just say a little chaos ensued and the rest of band's tour got canceled. And last year, the guys caused a riot of sorts at a show in London, with a bunch of crowd members storming the stage and going batshit. The Lips have also been known to piss and puke on stages and make out with each other. Shtick? We'll let you be the judge of that. Antics aside, though, these guys are psychedelic as fuck. On the band's latest, 200 Million Thousand, guitars and vocals are steeped in copious amounts of reverb. It's the kind of garage rock that the Brian Jonestown Massacre could have made if Anton Newcombe had a sense of humor and wasn't such a pompous dickwad.


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