Black Mask

It's hard to articulate exactly what it is that makes a person charismatic, but it's obvious when someone has that subtle something that sets him or her apart. Black Mask's Aklock, who's captivating, plain and simple, is just such a person, and Build Small showcases his down-to-earth personality while highlighting his verbal prowess. Both his voice and his diction are appealing, making every word that rolls off his tongue more fascinating than the one before. Aklock's impeccable cadence on "Shine" is in perfect step with the song's message of newfound independence, while the catchy hook and energetic beat of "Fly" are matched only by his enthusiasm. Even the skits showcase the MC's silliness, making him that much more likable. And it's not just Aklock who shines on Build Small: Renaissance man MaulSkull's beats complement Aklock's style perfectly. From start to finish, this album is an absolute pleasure.


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