Black Sleep of Kali/Union of Sleep

This split LP has Black Sleep of Kali doing something it does well on songs like "Cosmonaut," and that's anchor you in space somehow while a parade of burning sound drifts past you — like you're one of the tune's namesakes shooting toward escape velocity. Then, near the end of the track, the sonic drive drops out entirely, like you've hit zero gravity. "The Witch," meanwhile, sounds a bit more conventional in its structure. The crushing/crashing guitar dynamics and splintery delivery give way to a measured yet incendiary section of song that recalls War and Pain-era Voivod, only sludgy rather than thrashy. Union of Sleep's amusingly titled "N.A.T.A.S." is what early Darkthrone might have sounded like with better production and a deep, menacing bass line.


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