Blackfire Revelation

"Empowering stoner metal" might sound like one of those self-refuting contradictions that George Carlin talks about -- like jumbo fries or military intelligence. But for Blackfire Revelation, a loud, droning two-piece from New Orleans, every glassy-eyed whiff of Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf" comes with a vague, lyrical pep talk. Take, for instance, "Battle Hymn," the blistering opener on the pair's debut, Gold and Guns on 51: Guitarist/singer John Fields screams, "I want you to know that you can change your mind," before exhorting, "Don't let other people waste your time." Meanwhile, "Act Like a Believer" uses interrupted dream imagery as a shortcut to self-improvement: "Wake up now and open your eyes/'Cause with your freedom and with your will/You can set fire to what you despise." Like a bad mood left over from the Nixon administration (the duo expertly covers both the Troggs and Blue Cheer), Blackfire's sonic assault proudly accompanies a message that's more inspiring to arsonists than fans of Dr. Laura. Now, go take on the day.


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