Blondes have more fun at the Frontier Club

A sweet little blonde straddled the drummer while he played "Margaritaville," but somehow he was able to lay down a steady beat while she rode his lap like a mechanical bull. And this was after she'd dirty-danced and rubbed up against everyone else in the band at the Frontier Club (18881 East Colfax Avenue, Aurora).

When the waitress came back with our bottles of Bud, she asked our opinion on how to handle the blonde. We didn't offer any solid advice, since the gal seemed like she just wanted to shake her ass, hike up her dress and get frisky with the boys in the band. The waitress told us that the blonde's husband had tried to get her to go home, but he left without her when it became obvious she had to get some ya-yas out.

So, apparently, did the cowboy who tried walking on his hands on the dance floor. He only managed four feet, but he did keep his hat on. Hell, all I needed next was for a midget to come riding in on a pony, like in The Terror of Tiny Town, and my head probably would've exploded.


Frontier Club

While the Frontier Club was only about half full on a Friday night, there was a lot to take in. Earlier in the night, the band StompinGround had worked its way through Travis Tritt's "Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde" while a few dudes with spit cups were hooting and hollering at the bar. I wasn't sure if it was for the song or for the blonde, who'd started grinding against the guys in the band during that number. And later in the night, a tall, lanky guy came in by himself; he looked nervous and twitchy. He scanned the place, locked in the blonde — who by then had moved to the dance floor — and went to the bar to get her a drink. After the song ended, she went over and talked to him for a few minutes, downed the drink in a few seconds, dashed to the bathroom — and was soon back on the dance floor. I had a hunch the guy was a friend of her husband's, sent there to take her home.

But the blonde just kept dancing with one of the guys from the band, and then went outside with him — the gangly dude following right behind. My girl and I finished our Buds and headed out the door, passing the three of them. We sat in my car a few minutes, hoping we'd see how the whole thing unfolded, but they soon went back inside the bar.

As we headed west on Colfax just past Tower Road, I thought of the guy who ran up on stage and snapped a picture of the gal straddling the drummer. That photo's out there somewhere, and I'm guessing there's a pissed-off husband out there as well.

Club scout: On Friday, June 19, Beta (1909 Blake Street) will team up with Buffalo Exchange and for a Splash Bash fashion event complete with a swimsuit showcase, midnight bike race, pool party and music by Le Castle Vania. On Saturday, June 20, Sunburst Productions is throwing a hell of a dance party when it hosts its Foundation event at the Grand Paladium Event Center (1400 West 62nd Avenue). Headliners include Philadelphia-based King Britt, Orlando-based Kimball Collins and London-based DJs Lee Coombs and Meat Katie; local DJs will spin as well. Doors open at 8 p.m.; tickets are $30 in advance, $40 at the door.


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