Bloody Hollies

Like a remedy to the mopier aspects of college radio, Buffalo's Bloody Hollies bring back some of the speed and urgency otherwise sacrificed for dull introspection from journal-keepers in cardigans. Loud, raw, stripped-down punk, rockabilly and garage blues are the calling cards for this trio of former art school students in matching white shirts and thin black ties -- something that lends the four-eyed outfit a dweebish aura of Harry Potter meets Reservoir Dogs. Singer/guitarist Wesley Doyle, an ex-marine who blows a mean harp, takes cues from AC/DC, the Oblivians and the Cramps for a scorching brand of racket that also boasts the passionate stage antics of bassist Phil Fredenber (Dirty Sanchez) and drummer Mike Argento. Following the Hollies' 2003 release, Fire at Will, on Sympathy for the Record Industry, and a subsequent John Peel session, Doyle and company found a new home on Bomp offshoot Alive Records for their newest platter. If Footmen Tire YouŠ, recorded by Detroit's Jim Diamond (Dirt Bombs, Ponys, White Stripes), keeps things simple, fast and sweaty. This ain't no Ivy League.


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