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Blue skies invite you to enjoy a glut of bands at Glob

Great fliers don't have to always involve meticulous design work, professional illustration and cutting-edge aesthetics. Sometimes, a little, earnest sketch is all it takes. As in today's flier, which gives us a little sunshine, a little weirdness and a good vibe for a show at the Glob.

Who among us hasn't seen the sun peek from behind the clouds after a spell of bad weather and felt so inspired they had to run out right away? Who among us hasn't taken their conjoined twin and fist-full of animal balloons to enjoy it?

Okay, maybe not so much on the conjoined twin/animal balloons part -- that's a wee bit fantastical -- but the sunshine, certainly. And if we had a conjoined twin and some of those kick-ass animal balloons (we particularly love the elephant and the sock-monkeyesque primate), we'd damn sure include them on the fun.

Seriously, though, the flier gives off a great handmade, earnest vibe that's a bit surreal at the same time, which is perfect metaphor for the Glob scene. That makes for an excellent match of form and function, and thus, an excellent flier.


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