Blue Turtle Seduction

Like a disc-changer stuck on random shuffle, Blue Turtle Seduction moves unblinkingly between jazz, funk, bluegrass, reggae, electronica and hip-hop. Undersierraground, the act's first full-length studio release, merges silly Phish-like slivers and no-frills Sublime-like drumming with funk, bilingual lyrics and speedy mandolin runs into what the group calls "High-Altitude Bohemian Tribal Funk Grass." The act -- which hails from South Lake Tahoe, California -- is best known for its inspired live sets, which showcase an uncanny ability to slip, stitch and pass multiple grooves. Drawing from a multi-instrumental palate -- adding violin, mandolin, harmonica and pan flute to the standard guitar, bass and drum setup -- the five-piece moves from spirited and freewheeling excursions into more complex sections with ease. Sound like this jam is all over the place? It is. Turtle members readily acknowledge their multiple personalities by saying they are all members of the iPod generation. Uno, dos, tres, catorce.


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