Bluebelle at the Meadowlark

With clear stylistic nods to the various projects of garage-pop luminary Billy Childish and a playful sensibility inspired by classic Denver indie-pop bands, Bluebelle (due at the Meadowlark on Saturday, December 12) writes pop songs with a bit of an edge. Fronted by guitarist Sarah Fischer, this band could be accused of mining a retro sound, but the sheer positivity of its stage presence and the energy each member puts into the performance of the songs is undeniable. Fischer may be known to some for her stints in the Pin Downs, the Speedholes, the Agency and Buck Wild, but it's clear that she's in her element playing the kind of raw, fun, catchy numbers that make up Bluebelle's repertoire. Sunshiny melodies and solid but deceptively simple musicianship make this trio a great bet for chasing away the late-fall gloom.


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