Bob Rogue at the Meadowlark

The clanking, shifty rhythms and cool, prickly textures of techno auteur Bob Rogue's work are awash in contradiction. Despite sounding like a transmission beamed to Earth from a distant star and tuned in by SETI's massive telescopes, his music is typically both pretty and impossible to resist dancing to. Creating glitchy techno that's even one of those things is difficult; hitting both with consistency is something between impressive and impossible. The music's still not easy listening or accessible, by any means, but if you've always wanted to love the more abstract, edgier end of techno and have never been able to quite wrap your head around it, Rogue might have just the beat you've been searching for. You've got the perfect opportunity to find out on Saturday, July 24, when Rogue appears at the Meadowlark as part of Make More Steaks, a free barbecue/dance party.


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