Bon Savants

Literally translated, "Bon Savants" is French for "good scientists." That said, could there be a more fitting moniker for a band fronted by a guy who traded in a gig as an MIT research scientist to become versed in the dynamics of playing indie rock and Brit pop? The answer is negative. Singer/guitarist Thom Moran and his bandmates have proved themselves to be quick studies when it comes to concocting tasty pop hooks, which are generally wrapped in layers of fuzzy, shoegazey textures when they're not recalling Soft Bulletin-era Flaming Lips. Moran comes to some compelling conclusions as he examines topics like post-Cold War Germany on such numbers as "Post Rock Defends the Nation," the title track of the act's latest effort, and conducts field experiments documenting turbulent moments of tonsil hockey with a girl who kisses like a Russian. While Moran's chances of winning a Nobel Prize are probably slim these days, being a rock-it scientist has gotta be a million times more fun.


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