Boney James

I'm not a morning person. Quite frankly, I'm homicidal before noon. As much as I love Slayer and the Geto Boys, their music is the last thing I reach for as I'm wiping the sleep from my eyes. On most days, prior to firing up that first pot of coffee, I'm seeking out the most benign, inoffensive aural wallpaper that I can find. By default, I usually end up at Smooth Jazz 104.3 (which is presenting this concert and serves up decaf jazz by the pound), because I'm not eagle-eyed enough yet to stomach the more challenging blends of Miles or Coltrane KUVO offers. And you know what? I kind of dig this Boney James cat. He reminds me of Grover Washington Jr. -- who, presumably, was a huge influence on the New York-bred saxologist. Of course, by the weekend, I'm all about some death metal and gangsta rap, so I'll be elsewhere this Saturday night. But if you're down for some hot anonymous sax (David Sanborn is also on the bill), this may just be the Bone you're looking for, kids.


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