Bongo Fury at Glob

Led by Tripp Nasty and Zach Spencer, Bongo Fury (due at Glob on Tuesday, September 29) combines the fascination that Nasty and Spencer share for traditional Middle Eastern music and the folk music of northern India. Never amplified vocally or instrumentally, this project uses natural sounds and dynamics to weave a series of musical narratives usually only heard at a modern DIY venue or in a south Pakistan Qawwali party performance. Now a quartet that includes avant-garde musician Marcy Saude and Pleistocene bassist John Golter, Bongo Fury turns in celebratory performances that have an air of a sacred rite. But it's not an attempt to make Sufi devotional music more mainstream; rather, Bongo Fury makes the tradition of Islamic folk and holy music more accessible to those lucky enough to witness the act in person.


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