Screamo is so, like, two years ago. Snotty, screeching vocals and wizard-tech guitar has mostly been abandoned by the underground (save for those adorable hangers-on) and cast aside for the unholy depths of slow and heavy musical montages. Doom metal is hot -- as in fires-of-hell hot. And that's where local newbies Bosnia (due at the 15th Street Tavern this Wednesday, May 17, with Facedowninshit and Axes to the Sky) come trudging in. The trio of bassist Adam Wheeler, drummer Steve Zahren and vocalist/guitarist Morgan Carpenter sludges through down-tuned riffs that scrape somewhere between ugly stoner metal and disenchanted thrash. Although fresh-faced as a band, the boys themselves aren't rookies in the scene. Zahren Sharpie'd his hands for the group X Fallen Altar X, while Carpenter was last seen whipping his neck around for short-lived hardcore outfit Jennifer. So what's the secret for getting screamo nerds to turn to the dark side? One smoky room and a lot of Black Sabbath.


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