Bostic Beats

Beat tapes can be some of the most enjoyable releases to vibe out to, especially when you don't feel like hearing someone's voice in your ear. Bostic Beats, half of One Eyed Kings, just released his debut instrumental album, Spring Cleaning Sessions: Volume 1. It starts slow, with a couple of tracks that seem sort of empty without an MC, but that's quickly remedied by "Ignorant Levels," an enigmatic track with a hard bass line and a slowed-down sample from Rashad & Confidence's "The City." Bostic's thoughtful sample selection and his impeccable timing result in some very well-rounded tracks. Simple piano melodies and intricate harp are highlighted, with a basic hi-hat creating an appealing and original sound. From the weed references in the titles to the mellowness of the tracks, there's no question who Spring Cleaning's target audience is. Regardless, this beat album is a worthy addition to any collection.


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