The future home of Uptown Brothers Brewing Company.
The future home of Uptown Brothers Brewing Company.

Boudoir 1434 promises to be the most expensive joint in town

When it opens the weekend of May 21, Boudoir 1434 might be the most expensive place in town. But you'll get what you pay for, says the bar's manager, J.C. Granger. "It's exclusive, has the best decor, the best drinks, the best service, the best everything," he explains. "We know it's the best we've seen in Denver, and we've bumped everything by 20 percent. As far as service, we've increased that by 1,000 percent."

The 200-capacity spot, which is above the Sports Book, at 1434 Blake Street, and has a separate alley entry, is aimed at professionals in their mid-thirties. "We're not after those early-twenties crowds," Granger says. "We're after people with money. Not $40,000 millionaires who blow their check and we won't see them for another two weeks. To get in, you need to look the part. You'd better be prepared to spend a lot."

People who buy bottle service will get in first, Granger adds, with the best-dressed also getting priority. "At Boudoir 1434, there are no lines. We have a gaggle," he says. "Entrance is up to the doorman, general manager and VIP director's general discretion."


Boudoir 1434

Taking a cue from New York City's famed Studio 54, Boudoir 1434 will pluck people from the crowd and usher them in. "If there's a guy in a suit in the back of the gaggle and a guy in jeans — even if he looks good and he's got $900 jeans and doesn't have sneakers on and he doesn't have a hat on, doesn't matter — the guy in the suit shoots in first," Granger says. "I'll pull him from the back of the crowd. If I've got a girl in a formal dress in the back, but I've got a girl in a mini-skirt that's in front of me, the girl in the dress is coming up first."

Those who do get in will see a remodeled, open space that Granger describes as a cross between old French decor and a modern club, with queen-sized beds behind sheer curtains in the VIP area. Granger claims the bar is the biggest in the Larimer Square area. "Everyone will be able to fit at the bar, not waiting," he says.

During its grand-opening weekend, Boudoir 1434 will hold black-tie fundraisers, with proceeds going to the Children's Hospital Sports Program.

And after that, what might a typical night cost? "If you have to ask," Granger responds, "you can't afford it."

Club scout: Things are looking rosy at the former Red Room space, at 320 East Colfax Avenue, which will soon be home to Uptown Brothers Brewing Company. Danny Huffstetler, one of the partners, says that while they're shooting for a May 24 opening date, it might not be until October that the second-floor brewery is fully operational. The equipment, which is being built in California, won't be ready until the end of the summer, he explains, and the bar can't apply for a federal brewing license until it's been installed. After that, it'll probably be another two or three months before the first brewed-on-site beer is poured.

From there, though, the plan is to produce five to eight beers at a time, including a couple of rotating beers and seasonal brews. "Unlike a lot of brewpubs," Huffstetler says, "we're not going to force people to drink our beer only. We're going to have a constant selection of some good stuff here."

Paul Lumbye, one of the other partners, will be the brewer, while his wife, Nancy, runs the front of the house. Huffstetler's son, Harrison, will head up the kitchen. And although Huffstetler is putting nineteen 47-inch HD TVs in the space, he doesn't use the words "sports bar" — since people sometimes equate that label with deep-fried and frozen food. "We actually cook here," he explains. "We've got one item coming in frozen. Everything else is made to order. We're grinding our own fresh hamburger meat every day, a combination of chuck roll and beef tenderloin."

Uptown Brothers will also bring in live bands Thursdays through Saturdays, with the Hillbilly Hellcats kicking off the entertainment on Friday, June 4.

The Cheeky Monk is just a couple of blocks away, but "I think we'll complement each other," Huffstetler says. "I like competition. I think the more good joints you've got close together, the better off you are."


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