boyhollow on his five favorite Lipgloss guest DJs

Michael Trundle (aka boyhollow) at Lipgloss's tenth anniversary party.
Michael Trundle (aka boyhollow) at Lipgloss's tenth anniversary party.
Aaron Thackeray

In the nearly eleven years that Lipgloss has been adding spice to Denver's Friday nights, it has played host to some of the finest guest DJs in the music industry, from Mani of the Stone Roses and Primal Scream fame to the Go-Go's adorable guitarist Jane Wiedlin to members of Cut Copy and Franz Ferdinand. This Friday, May 25, Lipgloss will keep the celebrity train rolling with a guest spot by LCD Soundsystem's Nancy Whang. In honor of this dance-punk favorite's Denver cameo, we asked Lipgloss co-founder Michael Trundle (boyhollow) to rank and reflect on his five favorite Lipgloss guest DJs over the years.

boyhollow on his five favorite Lipgloss guest DJs

5. Carlos D. (Interpol)

Carlos set himself as one of my favorites when he dropped Ministry's "Stigmata" in his set at our Lipgloss New Year's Eve party. I would have always thought of that song as too "hard" for our Lipgloss crowd, but they ate it up, and it made me realize that it was okay to drop something you're unsure of just to see how it works. He's played with us three times over the years, and there was never any bullshit to Carlos's DJ sets. He played whatever the hell he wanted and always managed to make the crowd love it. Carlos is an incredibly genuine guy, and he always called whenever Interpol was in town to make sure I had tickets and backstage passes. I always got to hang out on the Interpol tour bus after their shows talking about philosophy with him over some beers. Paul, Sam and Daniel are also all really great guys, and I always enjoyed their company immensely. But Carlos and I really connected over our goth roots, and I really missed that when hanging out with the band after their last show -- Carlos left the band prior to that show in 2010. (By the way: Carlos D. was tied with Cut Copy for this last spot in our favorite DJ list, so I flipped a coin...sorry, Cut Copy, tails wasn't on your side tonight.)

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