Boysetsfire is still a band? Apparently, yes. Bred in Newark, Delaware, the quintet has been shucking out albums for the past decade and racking up as many travel miles as that damn Frontier Airlines dolphin. The Boys are now bearded men, and after burning through four different labels, they've settled on New York-based Equal Vision Records (which has also released records by Vaux and Fear Before the March of Flames). With its latest disc, the awkwardly titled The Misery Index; Notes From the Plague Years, Boysetsfire is back in the groove of emo-licious post-hardcore whatever. While musically the band hits on familiar notes, its lengthy history is chock-full of tour stories and hardships that lend a sincerity most newbies wouldn't even know how to fake. This Boy didn't start the fire, but it sure knows how to keep it burning.


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