"Don't take me away, spaceman/I want to stay here on this wasteland," sings BrakesBrakesBrakes' Eamon Hamilton on "Don't Take Me to Space (Man)," one of the many high points of the British band's new and third full-length, Touchdown. The outfit's weird, sinewy yet innocent garage rock is far sleeker and quirkier than that of British Sea Power, the group Hamilton served in for three years; at the same time, it's not hard to see the pedigree. Still, Brakes outdoes the competition in one area in particular: the distortion. Hamilton and crew love to crank shit up to gloriously ungodly levels, even while crooning toothache-inducing anthems like "We Saw Jerry's Daughter." Come for the catchy, crazy tunes — but stay for the sheer sonic onslaught.


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