Brave Song Circle

Although Dustin Morris and Lauren Gale, both polished multi-instrumentalists, make up the core of Brave Song Circle, the band's new full-length, Unconditional — marked by expansive harmonies, innovative guitar work and some impressive songwriting — sounds grander than the work of two people. Even on the record's bare-bones acoustic tracks, such as "Last Stop Hotel (Never Be the Same)" and "Keep It Simple," Morris and Gale supplement their stark instrumentation with lush chords and carefully designed harmonies. On "Hotel," the augmented chords take on the feel of a bossa nova ballad; on "Share It," a trumpet effect introduces the verse and chorus. Morris and Gale aren't entirely reliant on the coffeehouse vibe here; tracks like "Snakeskin" and "Stop the World" feature a fuller instrumentation. Those moments show the greater potential of Brave Song Circle, but the real lure of the album is in the chemistry between its two leaders.


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