Brazilian Girls

World music is a great concept, but all too often it involves some ponytailed doofus chanting about globe love, backed by an African children's hand choir. Or at least it did before the Brazilian Girls issued their latest effort, Talk to La Bomb. Pumping an international fete into the clubs and coffee shops of the iPod generation, the Girls espouse a love of "pussy, pussy, pussy" and "marijuana" in five languages -- no wind chimes included. Replacing world music's soccer-mom fans, trip-hop heads will no doubt swoon over Sabina Sciubba's ethereal voice, while fashionistas try to cop her on-stage costume experiments and dance to the outfit's reveling beats and knocking dub rhythms. Brazilian Girls' cosmopolitan concoction is chic enough to listen to on white couches in Bacardi ads, but artful enough to listen to on repeat. The allure is heightened by incomplete flashes of the seductive frontwoman, who keeps her eyes covered in public. Goodbye world love, hello international intrigue.


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