Breezy Porticos hanging it up

Breezy Porticos hanging it up

I know it's not over yet, but I'm pretty sure that 2008 is gonna go down as the year of the break up. Here are some of the acts that called it a day: Planes Mistaken for Stars, Machine Gun Blues, the Brotherhood of Dae Han, Whiskey Kiss, Fight Like Hell, the Crimson Red, Erica Brown Band, Redline Defiance, Lazyface, To Be Eaten (though we're still not completely sure these guys have stopped breathing), Red Orange Yellow and Rocket Queen. You can now safely add Breezy Porticos to that list. After nearly a decade of putting forth some of the finest pop this town has ever seen, the act is hanging it up for good (or at least until years from now, when some enterprising, diehard fan convinces the group to give it one more go for old time's sake), with a final show at the hi-dive on Friday, October 10. In an effort to get a proper send off, the members are taking suggestions from fans for their final setlist, from the songs listed after the jump. -- Dave Herrera

Shelby’s Foot

Crayola Sunset

Perfect Day (For a Yardsale)

Kay’s Car

Breaking Away

Gee, Your Math Looks Terrific



Paint a Picture

Throwing Bees

Six Flags Over Nowhere

My Biplane

Breezy Porticos

Trick of the Light

Intrigue on the Settee

Naval Gazing


Vichy Sun

Avant-Garde Hit of the Future

What It Means

Teapot in a Tempest

Ramona, Just the Other Day

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