Brett Johnson

The music of Brett Johnson is wholly and joyously electronic. There's never a question of whether the player is live on his records or mixes; the tonalities are purely electronic. While this might seem like a limitation, Johnson manages to find plenty of variety without ever leaving the circuit boards. Warm, fuzzy analog tones are pierced by buzzing, guttural digital textures, and vocals and samples — although used infrequently — are always twisted, processed and filtered into a sort of biomechanical hybrid. The result is a techno-influenced brand of house that ranges from bright, hard-edged progressive stylings to groovy, swinging deepness. Johnson (due at Vinyl on Friday, November 30) also indulges in oddball breakdowns and progressions or layers things up until chaos threatens, which gives his music a weird, trippy quality that's more often heard in genres such as IDM or psy-trance. Ultimately, his sound doesn't have universal appeal, but it's just the thing for those who never met an oscillator or low pass filter they didn't like.


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