Brightblack Morning Light

Brightblack Morning Light bears a rather striking, but not crippling, resemblance to the orchestral psychedelia of Spiritualized. Both bands have an affinity for taking a foggy blues riff and wrapping it in street-smack, slow-mo gospel. Nathan Shineywater even shares Jason Spaceman's ghostly tendency to sing in long, crawling exhales that sound like someone probably had to set the microphone down on the floor next to his sprawled-out body. The group also brings plenty of its own angles to the bliss-outs, including dub bass lines and horns that would be comfy in a Mad Professor lullaby. A few tracks, such as "All We Have Broken Shines" and "Amber Canyon Magik," even inject the slightest canyon country twang, though loosely, in drugged drawls and cloudy, mile-stretched bits of steel pedal. You don't need to spike a vein to tap into this CD; it's just that out-of-your head metaphors work well in describing what a beautifully blown-out sound the group makes.


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