B.Sue frontwoman Brandi Shigley has an infatuating baby-girl voice that sounds like spun sugar tastes: It's a guilty pleasure, heavy on the pleasure. The five songs on this EP, including the fittingly titled "Cuteness Overload," all seem meant for Sunday mornings, smooth and cozy. You may not know exactly what "playing hide-and-seek with the robots" means, but it sounds pretty awesome as a concept. And who can honestly look askance at a rad Casio keyboard solo? "Bien Dormir," meanwhile, will inspire you to learn French — or at least look up the translation. B.Sue's music is designed to inspire a happy kind of love, regardless of language barriers, and with the high-pitched vocals and all the love popping through these tunes, you might think it would come off as cloying. But it doesn't. B.Sue is aware of its own cuteness and embraces it, which makes its cotton-candy style all the more satisfying.`


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