Buke and Gase

Brooklyn's Buke and Gase (formerly Buke and Gass), an outfit comprising Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez, who played together in the post-punk band Hominid, took its name from two of the instruments the pair created and use to make their music: A buke is a baritone ukulele and a gase is a combination of guitar and bass. The homemade instruments don't stop there, and while this could be seen as a mere gimmick, Dyer and Sanchez have proven themselves to be solid songwriters. Although homemade instruments are often associated with Americana, noise or the avant-garde, these guys use idiosyncratic sounds to make something accessible yet undeniably weird — like Factrix or Black Humor in a pop-oriented mode. Buke and Gase's latest, General Dome, is the follow-up to its critically-acclaimed 2010 album Riposte.


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