Bullet for My Valentine

Like pimply, overweight teenagers, the four Welsh boys of Bullet for My Valentine wave their Iron Maiden fan-club cards proudly as they thumb their noses at the whine-and-grind school of metalcore popularized by their Trustkill labelmates. This potent metallic monster balances dewy-eyed romanticism and slit-eyed cynicism as well as it juggles melody and dissonance. Hardcore energy, emo lyrics and Brit metal-inspired licks are the key weapons in Bullet's assault, but the group is also clever enough to know when to turn a heavy-metal cliche inside out. Whether it's a predictably chugging rhythm or a caterwauling lead, the Bullet boys know when to let it groove long enough for maximum hair-flinging and when to throw in a glitchy compositional curveball. It's a rollercoaster that rarely slows down as it twists, turns, climbs and dives. Scarier than their crybaby brethren and far more believable, these Valentines have come to rip out your heart while baring their own.


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