With The Green Invasion, BurntMD proves that he has most of the tangible tools needed to be a prime-time rapper: a distinctive, gritty voice; a seasoned flow that seems to change every few lines; constant intensity; and detailed, mostly well-written lyrics with unexpected rhymes and schemes. He's even earned the stripes to enlist rap stars Snoop Dogg and T.I. (though they both turn in underwhelming hooks). Still, there are a couple of things keeping MD from truly blowing up on a massive scale. For starters, he's very abrasive, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's a trait that's unlikely to garner him consistent radio play. What's more, his sound recalls the late '90s, which traditionalists will certainly love, but for a mainstream audience obsessed with pushing boundaries, good rapping alone may not be enough to push him over the edge.


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