Whole generations of doom-, sludge-, and stoner-rock bands have come and gone since Buzzov•en first trod the earth in 1989. Raw, screamy and ragged, the outfit helped set the tone for underground metal throughout the '90s and '00s — despite the fact that the band hasn't released a studio album since 1998's ...At a Loss. But Buzzov•en's seismic influence still reverberates: Not only do its members still make noise in various groups — most notably, Weedeater — but much of Buzzov•en's back catalogue has either been reissued or anthologized over the past few months. No recording, though, can do justice to the band's legendarily brutal live show. Like the Denver visit of another recently resurrected Southern-sludge pioneer, Eyehategod, a year back, this Buzzov•en set is sure to go down as the metal event of the season. Thanks, Santa.


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