Head to Sutra on Thursday, December 6, to catch the kickoff of Step Up, a monthly night celebrating the edgy sounds of dubstep, glitch and experimental breaks. The highlight of this inaugural edition is Denver's own CacheFlowe, aka Justin Gitlin. Tackling his compositions and mixes with a sense of abandon and irreverence, Gitlin touches on everything from the classic early works of Warp to the latest glitch-hop. Wielding a laptop, he slices and dices samples, juxtaposes genres and juggles beats with a sharp ear and a steady hand. At his best, he's simultaneously funky, funny, danceable and startlingly original. And even when things slip off the rails and devolve into incomprehensible, chaotic blurts of noise, they're interesting. Gitlin understands it can be a little dull to watch a guy turn knobs, so he incorporates an ever-evolving series of sight gags and on-stage quirks to liven up his performances.


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