Calder's Revolvers

It's still a bit early to start engaging in any album-of-the-year type of discussion. Just the same, Steady by Your Side, which offers one of the most exhilarating listening experiences of the year by far, warrants inclusion in any such conversation. Yes, Andy Schneider's burnished vocals and the band's blend of robust rock and soul are bound to draw immediate (and admittedly apt) comparisons to the Black Keys; more astute listeners will also be able to detect shades of everything from ELO to Grand Funk to classic Memphis soul swirled into the finish. But Calder's Revolvers (due Friday, November 9, at Summit Music Hall) succeeds where so many other bands have failed: first, by delivering an exceptional album in an era dominated by singles, but even more impressive, by making music so good that it doesn't matter one iota where it came from — you just want to hear more. More guitar, more organ, more horns, more belting. Just more.


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