Call Me Lightning

The Trouble We're In, by Milwaukee's Call Me Lightning, doesn't open with either a whimper or a bang -- just the crackling hum of a crappy, over-cranked amp. But it's an omen, a stab of static that perfectly sets the tone for the unhinged, neck-snapping mayhem to follow. Formed out of the respectable post-hardcore outfits Akarso, Haymarket Riot and Hero of a Hundred Fights, the trio just released Trouble on Revelation Records, and the disc tears the throat out of rock and roll with knife-edged smarts and a highly developed sense of the absurd that recalls the most virulent discharge of the Minutemen and Scratch Acid -- or even the Starlite Desperation, if it worshiped No Wave instead of Nuggets. And believe it or not, this band that hails from the birthplace of Schlitz, Pabst and Miller apparently loves to get drunk and fuck shit up on stage. Come down to the Construct tonight and watch the Lightning lash out with its own current of striking, shock-conducting punk.


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