Call of the Void

Call of the Void was originally signed to Relapse under its old moniker, Iron Horse, but encountered trademark issues with a bluegrass-style cover band of the same name in Alabama that gained popularity covering Metallica tunes. Besides the name, however, it's unlikely anyone would confuse the two groups. Call of the Void's debut begins with a feel of doom metal, with four low notes held until each one nearly fades out, then quickly bursts into a blend of hardcore and grind played through heavily distorted tones. Led by Steve Vanica, who previously served as vocalist for local hardcore band Bankrobber, Call of the Void trades that band's focus on speed and punk rhythms for a more ominous approach, exemplified most notably at the end of "Breeding Grounds," as a preacher sampled from the documentary Jesus Camp leads a congregation in an oath of obeisance with eerie guitar feedback tones echoing in the background. Musically, the outfit draws from an array of influences, including Tragedy, All Pigs Must Die and Trap Them.


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