Cannibal Ox

Compared with its contemporaries in 2001, Cannibal Ox sounded like brothers from another planet. The group's debut, The Cold Vein, released prior to the World Trade Center attacks, brilliantly depicted the stress of New York City life. El-P's claustrophobic beats gave off a paranoiac vibe and provided the perfect backdrop for Vordul Mega and Vast Aire's dense wordplay. Cannibal Ox seemed destined to become the king of New York indie rap, but then the act all but disappeared. Aside from releasing two decent solo records (Mega's The Revolution of Yung Havoks and Vast's Look Ma No Hands), the MCs have kept a pretty low profile. The pair is about to resurface with a new album produced by El-P, Pete Rock and RZA. And if the El-P-helmed track "From the Planet of Eat" is any indication, the disc should be every bit as bangin' as past efforts.


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