Captain Howdy brings its harmonic drone to Rhinoceropolis

Not to be confused with Penn Jillette's mid-'90s rock band or Dee Snider's character from Strangeland, taken from the Twisted Sister song of the same name, Denver's Captain Howdy (due at Rhinoceropolis on Friday, October 12) is an ambient noise trio. Creating music suited to charting out the state of possession that Regan MacNeil experienced in The Exorcist while the demon Pazuzu was in control of her body, the outfit conjures the dark, forbidden places in this world or the next while the demon is at play. The result is white noise blurred with hypnotic, harmonic drones and incandescent low-end tones that evoke the subdued intensity of a Lodge Kerrigan with a touch of John Boorman's mysteriousness.


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