Car Bomb

This Long Island quartet extracts order from chaos perhaps more than any other band in extreme metal today. With its harsh guitar crunch and heavy drum thunder, Car Bomb sounds like something akin to a bunch of helicopters crashing in succession, complete with explosions and blades spinning all over the place. But as impressive as it is that the outfit can capture such frantic energy, its unique intelligence lifts the music to another level altogether. Clearly, these guys are inspired by tech-metal pioneers like Meshuggah, Dillinger Escape Plan and Human Remains, but what sets them apart is how engrossing their music is to follow. In much the same way that great directors choreograph action sequences, Car Bomb focuses intently on structure without sacrificing feel. Simply put, the act just sounds natural barreling through its technically demanding material. In such a chops-obsessed genre, it's about time somebody did.


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