Carl Cox at Beta

Carl Cox has never had the superstar status in the U.S. as some of his British peers, but don't think for a minute that his place in dance-music history is in question. Cox's roots go way, way back to the very beginning; this is a guy who was playing acid-house records in the late '80s, after all. He was a pivotal player in the nascent U.K. rave scene and had crossover hits in the early '90s. He's remixed everyone from Art of Noise to Sander van Doorn. Little surprise, then, that his style can only be described as eclectic, pulling elements from almost every corner of house and techno, from drugged-out tribal percussion workouts to pretty, sweeping strings and vocals. When he appears at Beta on Thursday, March 12, consider it a chance to hear living, breathing musical history. Don't miss it.


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