Carla Bozulich's Evangelista

Few artists have ventured on as varied a path as Carla Bozulich. Emerging from Los Angeles's post-punk scene during the '80s, Bozulich was a member of the industrial dance act Ethyl Meatplow and, later, the more famous and rootsy Geraldine Fibbers. When the latter group disbanded in the late '90s, Bozulich released a series of critically acclaimed solo albums, including 2003's Red Headed Stranger, a record in which she basically covers the classic Willie Nelson release in its entirety. Bozulich's most recent project, Evangelista, includes longtime co-conspirator and avant-garde guitarist Nels Cline, as well as members of Montreal luminaries Godspeed You Black Emperor! and A Silver Mt. Zion. With Evangelista, Bozulich and company create a lonely, ghostly atmosphere that explores the furthest reaches of country-and-Western. The eerily vivid and otherworldly quality of the entire collection of songs has the same effect as a daguerreotype.


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