Carmelita's Lovers

Nearly four years after local Americana act Ten Cent Redemption called it quits, bassist Tony Burke and guitarist Johnny Waggoner rounded up singer and guitarist John T. Nething (formerly of Panhandler Down) and drummer Jason McGinnis of L.I.E. to form Carmelita's Lovers. While some dusty Ten Cent echoes can be heard on Ghosts of Our Former Selves, the band's latest release, Carmelita's Lovers is, for the most part, a different animal. The band injects a fair amount of energy into fiery rockers like "Behind the Door," "And If" and "Need to Know," while taking a bit more of a low-key alt-country approach on "Nothing" and "How Will This End." Whatever route these local music veterans take, they know how to make it work.


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