Casey James Prestwood and the Burning Angels

On the title track of Honky Tonk Bastard World, Casey James Prestwood offers imagery straight from the best country-and-Western tradition: The tune is all about gettin' high, fightin' with the missus and drinkin' whiskey on the weekends. The rest of the album maintains that vintage C&W charm. Anchored by top-notch lap steel guitar from John Macy, subtle harmonies from Jeremi Hanson and tight playing from the rest of the sextet, the album will delight fans of '50s- and '60s-era country music. On jaunty honky-tonk numbers like "Good Ones," Prestwood sings of love gone sour, while the title of "Out of Beer" pretty much tells that song's story, and the waltz "Mamma's Boy" lends the record some familial sentimentality. Prestwood and his crew have a solid sense of musicianship and display the kind of storytelling skills that gave old-school country its charm.


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