Cassie Taylor

At just 26 years of age, Cassie Taylor already has a decade of performing and recording experience under her belt, having played bass and sung with her father, the great Boulder-based bluesman Otis Taylor, during that time. On her latest effort, Out of My Mind, Taylor proves that she's got the blues ingrained in her, especially on the poignant "Spare Some Love" and "Gone and Dead," but she's equally at home singing on more soul-drenched tunes, such as "Lay My Head on Your Pillow," "Again" and the title track. The potent "No No" and "That's My Man," meanwhile, demonstrate exactly how powerful Taylor's voice can get — and while her robust vocals are clearly the album's centerpiece, she's backed exceptionally well by drummer Larry Thompson and guitarist Steve Mignano, the latter of whom lays down many a tasty solo.


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