Catch Patrice Baumel at Beta's first Denver Winter Showcase

These days, when electronic music seems to be all about distorted bass and ear-popping drum lines, artists like Patrice Bäumel (due at UNstructured Sounds' inaugural Denver Winter Showcase on Friday, March 15, at Beta) are hard to find. And that's a shame, because Bäumel's minimal productions and sweeping sets are like the soundtracks to your sweetest, softest dreams actualized in reality — where you can share those feelings with the people standing next to you. The Amsterdam native (whose residency at Trouw has rightly earned him fans from around the globe) takes minimal techno to a light, precise, almost breezy place that few can match, fusing his sets with elements of house music here and there at exactly the right moment. The result is a hypnotic set that slowly builds until you're wreathed in a net of noise that Bäumel spins from gossamer and air. Despite its ethereal quality, make no mistake: This is dance music at its finest, and Bäumel can draw feet to the floor just as effectively as any DJ who relies on bass tactics.


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