Cattle Decapitation

San Diego's Cattle Decapitation has a straightforward view of its fellow humans: We're scum. Following in the footsteps of gore-core godfathers Carcass and Napalm Death, and capitalizing on a creative relationship with fellow SoCal blasters the Locust, Cattle Decapitation makes a peculiar brand of death metal that is obsessed with vegetarianism and man's destruction of the globe. The group's lyrics are often disgusting, regularly disturbing and often quite funny. Making liberal use of the man-as-meat metaphor, CD uses imagery of human mutilation to drive home the point that meat, in fact, is murder.

After several lineup changes throughout the years -- according to legend, the unit's original vocalist disappeared without a trace -- Cattle Decapitation has settled on a four-piece arrangement. Vocalist Travis Ryan, guitarist Josh Elmore, bassist Troy Oftedal and brand-new drummer Michael Laughlin power through musically sophisticated and lyrically ambitious compositions that are even more brutal than the act's early grind-core endeavors.

The brutality doesn't stop on the acetate. Cattle Decapitation's live shows are known for their intensity and aggression, with Ryan often sporting a mask made of beef jerky. Guaranteed to disgust and delight, Cattle Decapitation's lively performance will make sure the shit hits the fans.


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