Cephalic Carnage gets nod on the silver screen

Cephalic Carnage gets nod on the silver screen

Have you seen Mike Judge's latest flick, Extract? No? Allow us to save you the trouble: The movie, which came out last year, is occasionally amusing; it's no where near as funny as Office Space or as incisive as Idiocracy. If anything, it leans far closer to the former in tone and texture. If you're bored, and it's on cable, have at it.

Otherwise, no real reason to give it priority in your Netflix queue -- well, unless you'd like to see the Cephalic Carnage T-shirt cameo above for yourself. The Denver-based grindcore act, who's in the midst of finishing up its next album, gets decent screen time in the movie as do a trio of other bands on the Relapse records roster. According to, who spoke with a Relapse rep, the movie's costume designer reportedly requested a bunch of shirts directly from the label for the movie.

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