Chairlift continues its ascent... upward, of course.

Photo: Jason Klauber
Chairlift continues its ascent... upward, of course.

All right so how freaking rad is this? The mailman just laid the new copy of Spin on me, the Best of 2008 issue with TV on the Radio on the cover. And as I'm thumbing through it, I notice very few surprises: Black Kids, Vampire Weekend, Deerhunter and Santogold, all receive nods as expected, as do the cover boys, whose Dear Science platter has been anointed album of the year by the Spinsters (thus co-signing Rolling Stone's earlier likewise endorsement). Perusing the rest of the list, I was pleasantly surprised to find Chairlift, the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Boulder threesome, checking in at number forty, no doubt thanks to the exposure the act received from Apple's nano-chromatic commercials. Awesome! -- Dave Herrera

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