Cherry slated to go into former Bar Luxe space in Cherry Creek at 231 Milwaukee Street

Earlier this year, Michael Olsen tried to open another version of Hush, the nightclub he used to have in the Larimer Square spot now occupied by Wicked Garden. He was met with some opposition from Cherry Creek residents, who opposed his plans to put a dance club in the basement of 250 Steele Street (the former Sketch/Tambien space).

Olsen isn't giving up on the club, or the neighborhood: He was recently given the green light from the Department of Excise and Licenses for a tavern and dance cabaret license application for Cherry, which will go into 231 Milwaukee Street, the space formerly occupied by Bar Luxe, the Milwaukee Grill and the Bay Wolf. Olsen promises that Cherry, the only dance club in Cherry Creek, will be geared toward thirty- to fifty-somethings, not the younger crowds that favor LoDo.

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